Monday, August 8, 2011

Can a Rat Climb Up Through the Toilet

I know this video is gratuitous and gross. But it's proof, man! Rats can enter your home through your toilet. Again, this is as unlikely as any of the scenarios I post. But doesn't it make you dislike rats more? After watching the video, please read on. I shall elaborate. Warning: this actually isn't that gross - it's more the idea than it is the footage that frightens me.
I found a blogger that sort of dispels this video as fraud. Those of you living in fear of rat toilet attacks should rest easy; his argument is pretty convincing

He said rats are really good climbers but even the most adept scramblers can't scale slippery PVC sewer pipe connected to your toilet.It's not really the circumference that would deter the little beasts; they can squeeze through quarter-size openings without skipping a beat. It's the slipperiness that would send them packing -- there's just not enough friction. And the whole set up of indoor plumbing relies on gravity; everything's lined up in graded angles. 

Rats are good swimmers, but that really wouldn't matter. Pipes in the home are typically not full of water. So, it's not  an issue of whether they could make it or hold their breath, it's more an issue of will. Would a rat see a toilet run as cost-effective? If you've made it this far, and are still afraid of this urban folk tale, there's one more thing to take into consideration: toilet bowls are the slickest surfaces in your house -- and we know rats can't handle slick surfaces. So if, against all odds, a rat made it up your toilet into the bowl, then that's where he's staying. At least until you call a rat control specialist. 


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  3. No wonder, they can even enter sewage pipes and forage for thrown food residues.
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  4. I like your rational explanation. I also believe that it is quite impossible for rats to come through toilet. Thanks for the article.

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